The adventure


Cubiton is the story of a young entrepreneur who wishes to share his wine passion.

Epicurean and globetrotter, William Ripley likes to spend good time with his family or friends, where wine is naturally present, just as good food. As part of the mobile generation and conscious of the impact of lifestyle on the environment, it happened to him regularly to use bag-in-box, especially for outdoor picnics or aperitifs. But attached to the quality of wine, and with a taste for art and design, he could not bring himself to keep buying bag-in-box without choosing a product that is both beautiful and good.

Back in Bordeaux in 2013 after two years in the wine trade in New York, he decided to involve himself in a crazy adventure, which is to revolutionize the bag-in-box! His avowed aim? Offer a different tasting experience: enjoy and share a good wine while proudly assuming that revisited conditioning. On his return from New York where he drew some energy and inspiration, he created a collection of 6 small cubes of 3 litres, with colourful graphics and patterns that evoke fashion, the consumption areas, and art.


The gamble seems to get to hit since its launching. He soon realizes that wine merchants trust it and are willing to trust this combination “good wine, beautiful packaging, right price”. The large “premium” distribution took the opportunity of these revisited products which have a real attraction potential and decided to reference products in stores. Fans of Cubiton, through word of mouth, are hundreds to hurry on the Seine on June 26 at the launch party, to finally discover the Collection. The Facebook page allows them to come together in community of fans and share their tasting experiences.