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Le Parisien

« Cubiton transformed the bag-in-box as a fashionable accessory, at the cutting edge of the trends »

TF1 – JT de 20h

« The key of success: a new packaging, newly designed and a new name.»

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Journal Metro

« Codename: Cubiton. »

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Les Petits Frenchies

« The bag-in-box doesn’t hide in a fridge anymore; it exposes itself and is transported with pride. »

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La Tribune

« It applies the fashion codes to the clothing of its bag-in-box to sell quality Bordeaux wines (red and rosé) to a young, trendy and urban clientele. »

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La Dépêche

« The bag-in-box becomes design and borrows the fashion codes to be an elegant dresser. »

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« The bag-in-box becomes trendy! »

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Villa Schweppes

« You will love them so much that you won’t want to throw the packaging away anymore! »

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Comme un Camion

« A very likeable new concept of revisited bag-in-box »

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12 Hommes en couleur

« The wine bag-in-box is outmoded? No, because the revolution of bag-in-box is running! »

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« QA solution which will revolutionize the universe of wines and bag-in-box »

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